It explains so much!

by Kristin Johnson
(Mansfield, TX, USA)

For years, I mean years, I have listened to my daughter complain about the seams in her socks,...the tongue in her shoes or ice skates not pulled tight enough, brushing too painful,... I have too many examples to list here. I had written it off as drama (after all she is 9 yrs old) but after schol work started to suffer, I started to look into testing.

I finally got a diagnosis of dyslexia and SPD at Scottish Rite Hospital. Now, my daughter goes to Occupational Therapy, and has special training with a Reading Specialist at her school (I am fortunate to have one at her Elementary school in TX).

SPD is so real! My youngest girl demonstrates symptoms of SPD as well. The difficulty is that there are so many variations of SPD, and not enough knowledge of it in the average population. It took a specialized hospital like Scottish to even introduce it to me.

Keep up the fight! Our kids are worth it!

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