It feels scratchy..

by kelly
(essex england)

he loves the sensation of paint now

he loves the sensation of paint now

hi.. my little boy is 9 and for a long long time I have known something wasn't right but didn't know who would listen to my worries. I tried telling the doctor and health visitors but they was both old school and said all kids are different... Morgan, from as young as he was able to fight, wouldn't wear clothing that he could cope with as a baby. However when indoors he used to strip it all off. Also the nappy was a huge problem... I can't tell you the number of times I had to tape it on... he wouldn't let me cover him with a blanket or wear a coat... God I could go on and on but as im new and just found this site I'll stop there...

All I'll say is trust your feelings and just do what they know feels good... its like all senses are heightened for we all hate the feel of something but our kids have it in extreme...

I read a book called Out Of Sync Child, and it made me cry as at last I was reading something and saying good I've done that with my son already.

For example .. he loves water... so to help him we used water to play be it a bucket on a shower curtain or lots of buckets in the garden on different colored sheets .. so he could learn.. I used to say ... "Morgan, go get in the bucket that's on the green mat"... He loved it.

If I sat him down with paper and pens he used to get very aggressive or upset.. I want to share what I have found works as this is such an unusual condition that alot of parents are left thinking WHAT DO I DO... but trust me it gets better and is sometimes so easy to find what it is they don't like,but when they are comfortable they are different kids ..

All my love


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