It is real

WOW! This is MY son! He never wanted to be held or rocked. Cried almost all the time. He was not 'colicky' but it was like he was 'lost' in the crying. As he got older, if I could make him laugh, it would bring him back to me. Older yet, he had to spin. He said he felt sick if he didn't spin. He has always had the tactile issues. Would only wear socks without 'lines' in them. I have to buy him women's anklets for years. He still to this day will not eat pudding or gravy - totally a consistency thing.

I let him go to public school for kindergarten, but his frustration levels skyrocketed. I pulled him out so we could do the best for 'him', and we have home schooled ever since. He is now 14 and we do well. He still has issues, but I am so thankful I pulled him from public school!

Finding anything on SPD was extremely difficult, but when I DID finally find the first indications that this was a REAL disorder, I was so excited! I am thankful that it is getting the recognition now and that we moms are not just crazy helicopter parents because we know there is more going on with our kids!

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