It makes so much sense

by Nicole

I have been struggling for most of the last 6 and a half years trying to figure out what was "wrong with me" as a mother or what was "wrong with my son". People respond with either I am a bad parent and just need to exercise more control over him, or that he is just a normal super active little boy who will grow out of it and i am overreacting.

I have felt completely alone and grow more frustrated by the day.

With two other kids, it is hard to give him what he needs, but Ive always tried,and now I feel like this website has been watching my son and our family trying to cope with him and him trying to cope with his environment.

SPD has to be real. Nothing else makes sense.
Now maybe I can start to really help him (and myself) instead of just living with it.

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Sep 07, 2009
by: Amy

I have to agree with the OT. My son just had his 4th session of OT this Saturday and I have already noticed a difference in his movements, balance and coordination. Not to mention his confidence when asked to do things that were really hard for him 4 weeks ago.

It is really exhausting dealing with a child that has SPD, but even more exhausting going round and round with people that don't understand or want to understand what your family is going through. The most important thing is that you are your childs biggest advocate even more so since some do not believe that SPD is "real".

I know that it is real, because we live with our son everyday and see him struggle with simple tasks that normally developed children do without even blinking. It's very heart breaking to watch at times. Luckily my baby is a "can do" kind of guy and will do everything he can to achieve success. I'm thankful for that quality about him.

Just keep on doing your research and asking too many questions. LOL!

Sep 06, 2009
I understand!
by: Kel

Hi Nicole,
I just wanted to tell you that your feelings and experiences sound exactly like mine!! I totally understand what you are saying. I spent so many years wondering the same things - 'What am I doing wrong as a parent?', 'What is wrong with my son?' etc. All the while being judged by others ('It all starts with the parents...' blah,blah,blah!) You are right, it is hard! Hopefully one day SPD will be a diagnosis so our kids can get the support that they so much deserve and need. xx

Aug 06, 2008
OT works
by: Lynn

I know just how you feel. My son was 6 years old when I started noticing things about him. He would say things like my socks are hurting my toes, cut out my tags in my shirts, and stuff like that. He even starting rolling up his pant legs half way up his leg saying they bothered him when they touched the tops of his shoes. His main problem was tactile defensiveness. He also did not like to try anything new. Things were starting to get really bad with him and I knew I had to do something to help him because it was not "normal" the way he was reacting to things.

To make a long story short, you can read his story if you want to, it is in the real SPD stories as "Alex's SPD journey", Alex finally received the Occupational Therapy he so desperately needed. It did not take long for him to make major improvements. After only 5 weeks of OT, he had improved so much that he did not have to go back any longer. Alex is a much different child than he used to be. He will be 10 years old the end of next month. He is such a loving boy now. He used to not want to be hugged or kissed, threw tantrums in public when something bothered him, was a very difficult and demanding child. Now he does not do any of these things. I am not saying that on occasion, for example, this morning when he was putting on his shoes and socks for school, he had an issue with his socks with a "lump" in them, that he is completely better, but he now can deal with these things after he has received OT.

I would highly recommend that you get your son into Occupational Therapy. It will make a world of difference for him and for you.

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