Its been 9years and i finally think i know whats wrong

(Rocky Mountain House Alberta Canada)

Reading a story inKids In Motion,spring 8yr old brought this book home and there are many things so similar to what i have been dealing with ,ive had problems with family,schools,drs,and especially child welfare!and im at my wits end with all of them because none of them understand what we deal with daily!i hope to find a specialist to help me with this,my dr had never heard of this illness/disability

PLEASE HELP ME!!!!I do know its REAL and 98%my child has it.

Reading the article i took it straight to my doctor and get him to find help for me,im tired of the harassment and problems i have with society!

thank you
Bunne Van Wart(bunny)

I live in a small town and the closest city is 1 hour away,and edmonton is 21/2hour and so is Calgary..Please help me find a doctor and help with dealing with this,the stress has been terrible..ive even had my child taken away because of daily things i deal with my child..the stories made up have been terrible and its also affected my health over this also.I live for my child who is my miracle baby.

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