by Jackie Burridge

I only found out on Friday 13 that my 4year old has sensory disorder. I have known as a mother something was wrong. She plays on her own when friends are with her. She is always running ahead everywhere we go. She will put everything in her mouth that is not food. That includes talk,cream for her skin everything. She also wants to smell and taste soaps and shampoo.

I have found her behaviour extremely challenging. If she doesn't get what she wants will have huge tantrums. My daughter will sit and paint for a long time. She is very clever knowing numbers,left and right also can add up take away sums. Will line up objects perfectly. It is as if everything on one end of the scale is highly intelligent. But the social side is not on the same level.

I have found the checklist helpful and my daughter is a thrill seeker. She has always been a high climber and loves to go fast on the rides in the park. I need to learn as much as i can to help my daughter cope and face whatever is ahead of us.

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Feb 16, 2009
by: Ericka

Welcome! I think it is really important for us to connect. I personally run into a lot of misunderstanding about Sensory processing disorder-even in my own family. (my father tends to make jokes about it being all in my son's head).

I congratulate you for getting the diagnosis when you did. I wish I had taken action sooner. For me, my son was really always cheerful. I was good at anticipating his needs. And he is my only child, so I didn't realize the night terrors, the trouble sleeping, and the preoccupation with playing with his fingers weren't normal..... I think you'll get a lot of good advice on here!

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