by jade

Our oldest son is now five and is in a specialized speech and language school for the next year at least. I have just begun to learn about SPD but feel unsure about where to get information and advice.

The more I read, the more I understand some of the behaviors that we have come across... I feel like crying, I have been devastated at the thought that maybe something was making my child unhappy and that I was powerless to understand his emotions and to help him deal with them. He has had terrible anxiety since at least 18 months of age, he has feared ceiling fans, exhaust fans, street sweepers, the car wash, the list goes on. He does not sleep properly and he does NOT eat properly... and I have honestly tried all of the tricks in the book, he would rather starve himself until his body is shaking, he would rather give up desert, He doesn't care for a prize or bribe, and he would rather go to bed than eat a real meal etc etc

For five years I have been trying to understand how my wonderful little man ticks, and he is beautiful. He really seems to be maturing although he has just decided that he will not walk on prickly grass, even with thick shoes on! At age five i worry about him socially, he seems to get so frustrated with other school kids, when they do the wrong thing or they tap him on the shoulder for attention.

At the moment he is lucky enough to be in a small class (for Australian public schools), but

he still has issues... for example... he has three different teachers during the week and on one of the days something sets him right off. I could not understand what was happening on this day, but to me it was black and white... I would send him to school on a Thursday and he would come home almost uncontrollable. It has made me feel like I am doing the wrong thing sending him to school. The more I read the more I think that perhaps something is a bit different on this day and he is having trouble understanding it.

SPD seems to be such a mystery... where do I go? I have been to the public (government) OT where she noticed that my son was distracted (hands over ears) by a tractor outside while doing a fine motor activity. I was given a Winnie Dunn sensory questionnaire which came back that he had definite differences and possible differences in several areas, especially auditory. They gave me some notes and sent me on my way... review in four months. Is this right? Yes he is in a great school... and the teacher is very interested in sensory processing but I feel like it its sort of unheard of in my world... we are all learning about it... I don't want to wait four months if I can be doing more now. Should I go to a private OT? Do I need a diagnosis... is that important?

I have ordered some books from the library so hopefully they help but I want to get all the info I can, Does anyone have advice on where to go?

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