Jordan's journey

by Andrea

My son Jordan is 20 months old. Jordan had a very rough start to life. I was in an abusive relationship with his father and Jordan eventually became victim at only 2 months old. This went on til he was 5 months old.

As Jordan started developing I could tell he wasn't the same as other baby's his age. It wasn't until he was.13 months old that we figured out Jordan had sensory processing disorder caused by the trauma.

I always knew Jordan was special. From an early age he was doing things months ahead of what he's supposed to. His biggest thing was walking at 9 months old. But no matter how long he walked, he was always in his own way.

Walking wasn't Jordans only difficulty, we started noticing other things. Jordan thrives on being swung, hugged real tight, hands squeezed, biting everything and everyone, even though he has a pacifier, and our new worry, causing personal pain to himself. It seems as though no matter what, he can't get enough sensory input.

Jordan has been with a therapist for 7 months and an ot for 1 month. Next week we meet with a neurologist to hopefully find answers. To all Tue parents out there, dont lose hope and stay strong.

God bless

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