Jumping and impulsive

by Veronica

My son is 8 and has SPD. It doesn't lead to any problems in school, but he jumps, flaps his hands and runs a lot. I'm afraid that this is going to lead to bullying problems since his behavior will seem odd at times.

Also, he immediately will respond to things without thinking of before he speaks, sometimes also yelling his comment and getting to close to the person.

He is a good kid and so compassionate, but kids being kids, can be mean.

Any advice?

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Apr 07, 2018
Is SPD his only diagnosis?
by: Mary C

Not knowing your child but simply reading your notes, is it possible that your son has more diagnoses than just SPD? Has he ever been tested for ADHD or Autism? My 11 year old is so high functioning that docs took awhile... he was diagnosed first with ADHD when 6, but then SPD at 8 and autism at 11. Your description says more. Take my message with a grain of salt though as only you know him or can find the right help.

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