Jumping involuntarily, climbing over furniture.

Please help my 8yr old daughter has always been a sensory seeker, never had a diagnosis but she is a model example.

She has recently started jumping involuntarily it can happen any time and she's upset that she can't stop it. She never sits still and continuously climbs furniture which is all sensory seeking.

Any advice is welcome

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Mar 25, 2021
Seek help
by: MaryC

If your pediatrician cannot help you, ask for a referral to a specialist, maybe a nearby children's hospital, neurologist, therapist.

In the meantime, what you can do now... do lots of research on-line, use a compression blanket, play on the swings or get an inside trampoline, get her involved in karate, gives her lots of compression hugs when she feels she needs to calm down, ask doc opinion about vitamin deficiencies... you just have to get out there and educate yourself to help your child.

Best of luck and am praying for you.

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