by Alissa
(Colorado )

Hi. Not sure if this question is posting twice. But, my son is 7. He was diagnosed with SPD around 18months. He had occupational and speech therapy.

Over all, he is doing really well, now! We have our days/weeks. But he is doing well in school and has friends, etc.

My question concerns his JUMPING. He JUMPS! He jumps when he is excited, when he is watching something exciting, he jumps especially when he is playing video games or watching a high action movie. Sometimes he will play an hour of video games and come out drenched in sweat and panting. He really likes to jump. I think it is therapeutic for him. I don’t ask him to stop jumping.

I have tried getting mats to put under his favorite jumping spots, but they slide around since he isn’t a straight up and down jumper. He also doesn’t like them as much. So. Long story short, the jumping doesn’t bother me. I’m glad it is something that helps him. But, I am concerned about long term effects.

Are his little knee and ankle joints okay? Will this prolonged jumping be damaging to him in later years? Does anyone have an older “jumper” that complains of knee or joint pain? I’m worried about the PHYSICAL impact of his jumping.

What do you guys think?

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