Just diagnosed

by Autumn

We just found out today that our 2 1/2 year old son has SPD. I have ordered the books and have been on this computer trying to get some info about this disorder. I am still confused. We are going to OT and speech, but will this help? Will he ever grow out of it? Will he lead a "normal" life? He has many problems and I just don't know where to begin. Any insight?


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Jan 29, 2010
Time is on your side
by: NTFalls

Given the age of your son and that you are starting already to take steps to get him the help he needs there is every reason to believe that with your assistance he can overcome most of if not all SPD issues. My youngest who is now five had some SPD issues we really went to work with him at age 2 and have seen a lot of improvement. Just hang in there and try to be as consistent as you can in what you do with him.

Jan 24, 2010
Be patient & educate yourself
by: Anonymous

My 5 year old was just diagnosed in October. I, too was so very emotional & overwhelmed. I have found it best to educate myself on every last detail, on a daily basis. This website is very helpful, but there are also many books that you may find helpful, especially "The Sensational Child". I've also created a binder with every bit of info I can get my hands on, otherwise, it can be overwhelming to have a piece read something here or there, and have no reference. Your child is your baby, no matter what age, and you will certainly always be your child's best advocate as you progress through life (and the school system) with SPD. It's all about educating yourself on your child's needs, and as I am finding out, then going on to educate others about your child's needs. To the outside world these SPD related behaviors simply look like "bad behaviors". Lots of judgmental stares, and ignorance out there. Teachers are little-to-no better, I am finding out. Build your strength through education, and go forward as your child's best advocate!!!!! Best of luck!

Jan 23, 2010
Also Just Diagnosed
by: Tim

My two year old son was recently diagnosed and is going through the same therapies. It seems as if he's getting worse but I'm hopeful it's just the course of things. The therapists believe he's going to make it. I'm going to trust in the process and hope they are right.

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