Just finding out about SPD and this new knowledge is amazingly help full

by Brittany Leonard
(Oklahoma city)

I have a 3 yr old. And ever since I could remember he would bang his head on any an every object. When he started walking he would seemingly run in to objects on purpose. We have taken him to 5 pediatricians and all that said that it's age appropriate and he'll grow out of it at .. he was adding more things on like having his Gaga be clean all the time, biting everything even after all his teeth had come come, throwing huge tantrums and would not let any one touch him. he didn't like loud noises like our blue dryer.

I had a family friend, a child therapist, give me The Out-of-Sync Child and I was like by golly .. this is it .. and it so happens we were already going to have an ot come over and she diagnosed him with SPD.

So we have been doing alot of heavy lifting. Heavy, right squeezes.. we are learning so much an he is too he just doesn't know it.. I have to say it's still a struggle every day because were only about 2 months into finding out about SPD.

I've slowly been trying to turn my house to make it more sensory sound for him.. I know other mothers who are dealing with this. do any of you dealing with this have any tips, advice.. anything really on where or how to help me get my home more sensory friendly for him please email me @ BrittanyLeo89@gmail.com

thank you so much for reading my story like I said were @ the beginning of this process and there have been allot of tears, from me and him both but we just need some more input

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