Just got my diagnosis last Tuesday!!

by Issy
(Mankato, Minnesota)

Last Tuesday I had an evaluation by an OT and she said yes, I have SID and am affected quite a bit. Finally I have a name for many of my "quirks".

I also have a lot of mental health issues and the OT I saw used to work in the mental health field so she understands that part of me too and understands the way that mental illness affects the SID and visa versa.

The two things she has recommended so far are the compression under armour type shirts (there are brands out there that are MUCH cheaper) and a weighted blanket. I got a good amount of cash and 2 visa gift cards for christmas so I'm using that to get the shirts (right now Kohls has some buy one get one free) and a weighted blanket.

I'm looking forward to finding ways to work with/around the sensory issues I have!!

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