Just now hearing of SPD

by F. Taylor
(United States)

I am 37, I am on disability. I suffer from anxiety and depression. I am the only person who can hear the kitchen light when it is on. The sound and most sounds cause me anxiety. Bright lights, high ceilings, white noise, everything seems over stimulating and stressful.

I ran across this website by accident. I have lost to much weight and I am researching because I am having a very difficult time eating. My search led me from disordered eating, to picky eaters, then to this site.

I am feeling an "ah ha!" moment. As if I am reading a page in my psychiatric file that none of my doctors bothered to explore enough to write.

I struggle driving. I seem to be always hitting my head or closing my finger or hand in a door.

There is so much here I can relate to. Maybe I can find some tips on eating. I have dropped below 100 pounds and I am struggling and scared.

I have found some things that help, even though I didn't know there was a name for these issues. I have lamps, I avoid overhead lighting. My evening routine consists of candlelight, relaxing soft music, pleasant scents, and sitting quietly with a soft blanket.

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Aug 06, 2011
working on it
by: f taylor

I finally have psychiatric professionals to treat me. However, no one medical or psych seems concerned about the eating issue. and i have not bothered to even mention spd.

i am so tired of saying "ouch" so many times a day that I have asked my love to stop asking if I'm ok. I'll let him know if i'm not ok. to many ouches to muster energy to explain which one

Apr 26, 2011
not fairing well
by: f Taylor

I had my roommate take away my scale. so I'm not sure how bad it is. I think it's getting worse.

I am afraid that some of my ailments are due to malnutrition.

Is this passive suicide? am I just crazy? I know I need help or to at least care enough to help myself.
today I have had coffee and a few cookies, and a small pack of crackers. i'm guessing that's bad?

Apr 05, 2011
thank you and i reached out
by: taylor

thank you for your concern about my weight. I have "confessed" my weight to my sister who is my dear friend. I now have a houseful of food that is easy and yummy to eat. She handled it very well. I think this website gave me the push to not keep it a secret. She will be checking in on me. :)

secrets are bad, the best thing we can do to help ourselves is to ask for help when we need it.

Apr 05, 2011
by: Anonymous

that low weight is dangerous. PLEASE find a new doctor! this site has checklists that can help you discuss it with the doctor!!
and you are not alone! i HATE the sounds lof lights, computer fans, people snapping gum in the store... it drives me insane!!! :) Good luck to you!!!

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