Katie's story

by Jennifer

I have a beautiful daughter named Katie. She is 6 years old.She has cried about something everyday since she has been born. I'm not kidding or exaggerating when I say she has cried everyday. When she was born the doctors told us...oh she just has colic...she'll grow out of it. Then people started telling us..oh when she starts crawling she won't cry as much. Then it was when she starts walking she'll be O.k. Then....maybe when she starts talking and can tell you what's wrong?? Doctor's have just kind of blown things off...saying things like some kids are just more sensitive than others. Other things Katie has struggled with:

- Getting dressed..we hear screaming coming from her room because she can't get her arm in her sleeve

-sleeping...all the lights have to be on and stuffed animals have to be stacked just so all around her

-eating...different textures really bother her

-school....she cried everyday before going to kindergarten...she would calm down...and start crying again if they were changing rooms..i.e lunchroom, art room, gym class

-clumsy...she trips on her own shadow

-meltdowns..she is very easily frustrated and then turns into anger

I am so glad I found this website. I've know for years that something is different with my little girl. I've had so many people telling me how I need to discipline her more and that I let her get away with too much. People don't understand that if I let her have her meltdown and calmly talk to her about her feelings after and hug her and let her cry it does a world of good. Sending a child with SPD to their room for a time out just doesn't work.I hope one day people will recognize this and give more support to their family members and friends that are struggling to help these wonderful kids. When Katie is having a good day she makes me the best pictures. She struggles with writing and spelling and finishing first grade. The one thing she does write well and writes all the time is.....I love you Mom. It brings a tear to my eye. I really believe that being patient is key to helping my daughter. As long as I stay calm I can help her through all of her emotions.

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Jul 07, 2011
mothers intuition...
by: Anonymous

is one of the most incredible gifts we as mothers have. :) we 'just' know, despite what others may say or think. kudos to you for being an in tune mother and a patient mother. :) this is a great website full of helpful ideas and resources and it's a fabulous way to share knowledge and experiences with other parents who are traveling the same road. :)

i too have a 6 year old with mild spd. i might suggest that if you are willing and open to it, seeking some help from an occupational therapist (who understands what spd is) would probably open the door for you and your daughter even further. we have benefited from regular OT appts for the last 2 years.... for help pertaining to everything you just mentioned in your post and much more. to help with emotions (of all types), to help with changes in rules and routines, to help with not having to have so much control on one's environment and having that be okay, to working with melt downs, to food therapy for texture issues, etc. there is SO much available!

there are so great therapies/tools/books as well that we have gleaned from. good luck. your daughter is lucky to have you as a mother. :)

and i agree, i hope in time others will become more educated and sensitive and more supportive to the needs of these incredibly bright, sweet, creative, clever children. and i believe it will happen. :)

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