Kayden's Mother

by Amanda`

I have read all of the books listed above & more I can't seem to grasp how well Kayden does at Preschool (mind you its a special preschool that he goes to with the therapist & help he needs there) they say he has no behavior problems at all yet as soon as he is home I see the real Kayden. He will hit and kick his 6 yr old brother (Kayden is 4) he takes all of his toys from him yells at him & me destroys the house. I don't know what to do or where to go from here considering he behaves so well for his therapist. he has been in therapy for over 2 years now & I have saw a lot of progress with his speech & eye contact yet the behavior has only gotten worse. I'm at my whits in with him & I just don't know what to do? Just thought I would give other Mother's struggling with a child like Kayden reassurance that it's not just their child.

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