Kinda funny,kinda gross

by leslie kimble

We went eat at rainforest café in Orlando...BIG MISTAKE!!! so many people, so much noise, too much overstimulation for my little one. we were squeezed between a fish tank and tables. They brought out his food and began to eat. All of a sudden, I look at him and started yelling "move, move, MOVE IT NOW!!!!" as I am grabbing him to run to the bathroom, but before I could he thew up everything!!!, ALL OVER!!! the waiter says "umm, I think I should have moved a little fast like you said!! lol I said yes you should have lol tow words...NEVER AGAIN!! sort of sad for my son, but so funny cause of the waiter, and he was just fine dealing with it. He even gave my son a special treat.

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