Kiwi Mum

Hi. Thanks for this article. My son was identified as having proprioceptive issues by his physio. He locks his elbows on tables (making eating etc difficult), wraps his legs around chair legs, changes position every couple of minutes. Having a standing work station has helped at school and a sit'n'move cushion has helped at home. We got a new leather lounge suite a few years ago. The top layer is nearly all rubbed off from his constant wriggling and bouncing.

He. Just. Can't. Sit. Still!!! He's infuriating to watch movies with! He lies with his legs bent against us so we can squeeze his knees bent, loves having weight on him, carrying his school bag etc. He's self conscious of his struggle to do normal things like catch a ball or stand in line. We wish we could get him help, but at $90 per hour... :(

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