Laugh or Cry?

I don't know whether to laugh or cry. I could have written all of your posts. I am starting to conclude that most of us with EXTREME sensory issues are highly intelligent as well as highly clairvoyant. This is all making sense now. We are all blessed with a gift but "cursed" at the same time....Those of you with soft sound sensitivity issues...if you are fortunate enough to have a few hundred dollars to spare, PLEASE purchase the new BOSE noise cancellation headphones. I can actually now sit in the same room with my husband and eat dinner. The soft sounds are not as annoying.

There are still tons of issues with other irritating habits of his we have to work on because I still cant stand the sight of the behavior. Husband told me to wear a blindfold. Poor guy. My father --- forget it. I cant even be in the same room with him or look at him AT ALL because he is full of mouth/nose noises all the time. I miss being able to talk to him. I can't even stand the sound of his voice on the phone anymore. His ssss's and tttt's drive me insane. I think it's worse than ever for me because I haven't slept or eaten properly since my kid was born. So, when I am not well-rested I am a nightmare.

I am wondering if

it is worse because I use way way too much salt, and I also do not have sufficient magnesium in my system. I have always referred to this thing I have had as being wired incorrectly. I always knew there was something wrong with me. I propose we really start to analyze patterns amongst your children (using checklist below) to figure out even more possible similarities. Or you can use it as your own tool to self-heal once you see it all so very simply and clearly on paper.

It is absolutely NOT a coincidence that we are all finding each other. I have the ability to articulate how your child feels (from his/her perspective). Here is my profile based on the adult checklist. If you your child has issues similar then please ask me anything - I can help communicate what your child wants to tell you but can't.

Auditory Sense? Defensive

Olfactory Sense? Defensive

Vestibular Sense? Defensive

Visual Input Sense? Over-responsive

Interoceptive Sense?Normal

Clairvoyant/Extrasensory Perception? YES

Proprioceptive Sense?Under-responsive

Gustatory Sense? Under-responsive

Tactile Sense?Under-Responsive

(self-diagnosis ? yes! but I am very objective about myself because I can take myself almost literally outside of my body and look down on myself from the outside vs. the inside to see what others are seeing from the that perspective. I bet if you are reading this you can too. Something bigger than us is in process here)"

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