Learning How To Crawl

by Cathy Nnadi
(Port Harcourt, Nigeria)

Dear Michele,

Your website is a godsend. I've really learned so much from it. My son who is two, was recently diagnosed with global developmental delay. He is also being treated for nocturnal seizures with Tegretol. I don't live in the USA but he is enrolled at a special school for autistic kids. After being assesed they don't think he has autism. I've gone through your checklist and his biggest problem is vestibular with low muscle tone and poor coordination.

My question... how do I encourage him to crawl with the army pattern and cross pattern crawl? He's never crawled properly, he just bunny hops. He walks with a wide based gait and frequently flops to the ground. From what i've learned he needs to go back and learn to crawl properly. Please if anyone has had a similar problem, I'd like to hear from them.


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Dec 15, 2007
Be Encouraged
by: Kodette

Hello Cathy ......I have gone through the same situation with my daughter who is 2.5. She did the bunny hop as well for a while and I never really taught her to crawl properly...she started walking after two. Her ears were checked for fluid in the inner ear. Once that is ruled out or corrected you can work on therapy for him. I can fill you in on more of what we did...today she is walking.

Email me at akacartwrightville@yahoo.com. Thanks.

We are here to encourage each other...

Michele Mitchell comments...

Thank you so much for responding to Cathy! You are so very sweet Kodette. I hope Cathy gets in touch with you!!

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