Levi's adventure

by Linette Hall
(Lehi, Utah USA)

Levi since he was born, he was awake 8 to 16 hours without naps. Even as as infant he cried for hours. He loves 20 hugs a day. He is very loving. He just turned 11 years old on March 20th 2011. For years and years he will only eat pancakes for breakfast and pizza for Lunch. He is allergic to milk products. He wants some in the bathroom, when he goes. He is on a first grade level.

Can't handle large classrooms. I was with the same school and doctor for 9 years. Then we moved, we are on our 4th school, he spins at recess and lessons. They want him to be diagnosed with autism, to get help.He will only wear cotton shirts and sweet bottom (Never jean or sweet tops).

We put out tags for a years. At 3 we used melatonin or he would stay up for days.He is so emotional about every thing and cries easily. He can't ride his bike, yet the schools have told me "great motor skills". Yet he dress himself, yet if it is on the table, he can use button and zippers. If it on him, he can't do it. We have to use sticky straps, because he can't tie his shoe laces. Yet, he can do it to other people. He love loud, and the louder the better. He make any non-human sounds and hours and hours he makes these noises. He won't watch T.V., but spin. We'll have friend over and he'll spin. He could get hit by a car, or run into something because of his spinning. He reached his mile stones as a baby, after he learn to walk at 9 month, the spins began. He is 11 year old and still spins for 3- 5 hour a day. He goes to school for 2 hour a day. He hate baths, yet we had a swimming pool at our last apt. and he loves to swim. He cried if the pool was closed. He can't handle change, in LaVerkin we had our Halloween Party at 9:00, in the new school, it was at 2:00 and he cries the entire time. He spins on the play ground-But two weeks ago, he is a 11 and can now pump his feet on the swings. Any way, this might be the answer we've been pray for. There is more, but I understand your story! Thank you! Linette

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Mar 28, 2011
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by: Steve


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