Licking everything

by Niflas
(Srilanka Colombo western province)

My son 4 years old.I am noticing that he is LICKING everything! We are all yelling at him to stop, that the floor is dirty and yucky.

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Aug 20, 2016
Why kids continue to lick objects and items.
by: OTcowgirl

Children first lick and mouth objects to explore them. A newborn's first accomplishment is to either breastfeed or feed from a bottle. Both actions require the ability to suck and involve oral muscles and coordination.This is known as,"suck, swallow,breathe", and is a responsive reflex that the baby's very survival depends on. 'Failure to thrive', is the heartbreaking result of a baby's complete inability to feed.

Babies continue to put their hands, feet, and objects into their mouths until the skin's tactile sensory system develops in their fingertips and palms and they are able to feel and explore the object's texture, shape, etc.

A child that continues to lick and mouth objects and items is doing so because the skin's tactile system is not fully developed. They are stuck at a lower developmental stage and any further functional development will be at risk.

They may also be suffering from Pika and need to be seen by their pediatrician.

Hope this helps understand why kids continue to lick and mouth past the baby stage.

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