Licking sometimes

My son has always been fairly oral. He had a mild biting issue when he was younger. Now he is 3 years old and sometimes will lick his hand or someones arm.

My question is at what point is it considered a red flag and needs treatment?

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Sep 01, 2009
Extreme sour candies
by: Anonymous

give him sugar free extreme sour candy. Or something like gum to chew on. This works for my son!!

Aug 25, 2009
Keep looking....
by: kim

because im sure you will see other things as well now...

Get the books we always recommend, sensational kids, and the out of sync child.

Observe him with a note book handy, how often does he need to do this??? What behaviors does he display in certain situations, etc....

He definitely has oral sensory issues.

Call the school district for early intervention services, thats how it starts!!!

They can tell you how much of a delay he has for his age, then you take it from there.

Also set up an appt. with a "developmental" pediatrician, cause that could take up to 2 years depending on where you live!!!

Thats the beginning.....
Keep us posted and always feel free to ask ANYTHING!!! OK??

Good luck sister!! Kim

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