Like Mother, Like Daughter

by SP
(Portland Oregon)

I started to fill this out for my 8 year old daughter, then realized I was connecting with this questionnaire. So I printed one for myself too.

I answered more questions than she did, although since I am 31, I have learned how to cope with most of my quirks. My daughter is really struggling. Now what?

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Aug 29, 2019
the same here
by: Anonymous

Ya like mother like daughter and like mother like son. My oldest daughter, my son and I all have Autism. They have different fathers so it is definitely linked to me. We are like 3 peas in a pod. My youngest who has the same father as my son did not get these issues. She is a normal 13 year old girl.

We did not realize till a couple years ago when we started putting the pieces together what all was going on. I know there is some SPD issues, Autism and learning disabilities. They very much cross over into each other all the time. My mothers family we can see has a lot of these issues also but they will not admit to them. We are slowly trying to get my generation (I'm 42)in the family to truly listen and look at these types of things to get help they need.

Apr 08, 2013
Me too.
by: Vicky

It's only been the last 3 months that I've realised, yes like the light bulb turning on, that I have Asperger Syndrome! Never been diagnosed. Well, never even thought about it. I'm 46 now and thought my, not coping in the real world, was just me.

We have been having problems for years especially with school, with our son whos now 15. So I looked into researching the main problems and came across this syndrome.

When reading (a lot!!!!) about it, I thought omg thats me!

My son has a lot of the symptoms and always has had. Although some have changed over the years.
But I have most of them! Mine too have changed but, as like you, you learn you HAVE to cope with some things, then get stressed out and anxious over it!

But the basic problems, symptoms etc. have NEVER changed and are actually worse in some areas, especially social. xxx

Oct 30, 2012
Like Grandmother, Like Grandson
by: Peggy

My daughter has been trying to explain my grandsons behavior but, I was resistant. I kept thinking/saying - "oh he's just 2 years old, terrible 2's, he'll grow out of it".

I also am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and certainly never learned about Sensory Processing Disorder. and ...since I have lived with many of these symptoms all of my life ( I am 60 years old) I figured it was normal to be like this. duh. it took me awhile to catch on.
Maybe I can be more helpful now.

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