Lillie Ferris

by Lisa Ferris
(Ionia, MI)

I am not sure what to think but I did the checklist and my granddaughter seems to be under numerous ones. She does not like her hair combed or brushed, does not like to be dried with a towel. Screams when we change her pullup or try to get her dressed. She is extremely rough while playing. And screams alot for no apparent reason.

She also is a very fussy eater. She will chew the meat and then spit it out, but will eat corn and peas and mashed potatoes. Her other go to food is dog and cat food. Which we cant get her to leave it alone. She also has times when she is extremely angry.

Im not sure what to do or where to turn at this point. Any help would be nice.

I thought her not wearing socks was weird but it may be the feel of the socks. She is 2 1/2 years old, so has a way to go before the doctors around here will check her out.

Her mother has ocd and bipolar, her father is adhd.

Thanks so much
Lisa Ferris

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