List of questions to ask for services of OT at daughters school

I have a meeting at my daughter's school next week with her teacher and the OT. I want to request OT services for her. She is 8. She was diagnosed with sensory processing disorder last year but we were told she tested too high on the IQ portion to qualify for services. I have since switched schools but her issues are happening again.

What questions should I ask and what kind of therapies should I request? She cannot focus or pay attention. She cannot work independently. They require a lot of writing and she is always weeks behind the other kids. She drifts off during tests and runs out of time and doesn't finish them. Or even draws pictures on said tests but doesn't answer the questions when she knows the answers. She cannot even necessarily dress herself or it takes her too long and she is very awkward about it.

She is easily distracted by the other students. She overreacts and has meltdowns. She is very unaware socially and bumps into other kids and people with not realizing it. She kicks kids under the table but not on purpose. She just can't sit still and can't seem to control what she is doing. Based on all this, do you have recommendations of questions for me to ask? And what things should I request? Thanks for your help.

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