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by Miriam Ramos
(Miami, FL, USA)

Hi. We have recently met with our son's preschool teacher who believes he may be suffering from SPD. She has suggested we have

him evaluated and enroll in therapy sessions if needed. We are having a hard time finding a list of OTs in the Miami area. We are trying to find a provider that will be covered by our insurance but don't know where to start looking and the insurance company has been all but helpful. Any help you can offer us would be greatly greatly appreciated. We'd like to get him on the right
track as soon as possible.

Thank you!

The SPD Help Line Answers...

Hi Miriam,
Please accept my apologies for my delayed response. This ankle surgery has significantly affected my time online.

Ok, I do have several resources for you that should give you the information you need. First, read (for those of you who have read it before, know that the links and resources are now updated) my first newsletter, Finding An Occupational Therapist For SPD. Note, if you are reading this today or over this weekend (October 26-27, 2007) you should go through internet explorer for the most updated page. If it is after the weekend, the newest version should show up in most/all browsers. This edition of my free monthly newsletter, The SPD Companion will lead you to a GREAT database of SIPT Certified OT's (by country and state). It is the most comprehensive directory I have found to date. It also has links to other resources to help you find an OT in your area as well.

Also, to address the insurance issue... read The SPD Help Line Submission entitled Insurance Coverage For SPD which will give you some help and resources regarding insurance and diagnostic coding.

One more place you may find specific resources/therapists others have used in your area is by contacting on of our SPD Parent SHARE
Hosts that live in Florida. You can find them listed on the SPD Parent SHARE Host Directory.

I hope these resources are helpful. Let us know if you need anything further.

Any OT's reading this post? Are you from the Miami area? Any parents reading this have any recommendations for therapists in that area? Let Miriam know if you can help her.

Take good care.
Michele Mitchell

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