Looking for a diagnoses

by Aundria
(San diego,CA)

Hello all, I have a 2.5 year old boy with some behaviors that I think are worthy of an evaluation. Please let me know what you thing or if you have advice on what to do next.

He is 2.5 years old (31.5 months to be exact)

Doesn't like to play with others. Will scream or hit if a child tries to play with him and he disapproves

Shows no empathy to crying children. He recently threw sand in a little girls eyes because she was trying to engage with him and he stared at her blankly and eventually turned his back to continue playing as she cried and screamed in pain.

He can't tell you the color or shapes of items

responds with "I NO NO" (I DONT KNOW) when asked what his name is

doesn't count in sequence (ex. 1,2,7,9,10 is his sequence of choice)

Cant show you a number via holding fingers up. He will hold up his index finger and tell you "three"

His speech is rather difficult to understand. My husband and I can understand him most of the time but will have to consult his older brother (who is 4) to "interpret". Others have a difficult time understanding him.

Repeats what others say often and will sometimes "get stuck" on words or phrases EX:
Me: Dex what does a cowboy say?
DEX: (looks to brother) YEEHAW YEEHAW!
Me: Dex, can you come here bud?
DEX: YEEHAW YEEHAW YEEHAW. (not hearing me).....
This incident went on for a minute or two of him "not hearing" me asking him to come to me.

Is VERY easily agitated. He will only try a task (like fitting a block into a cut out) once before he will scream, throw, bang or hit himself for not succeeding

Will throw long drawn out tantrums when he doesn't get what he wants (more of a certain food for example), can't explain what he wants or I can't understand what he is saying

tantrums involve hitting himself, kicking the wall, creaming (blood curdling scream) and overall inconsolable

Has always been very stiff and rigid since birth

Didn't like being held or cuddled as a baby. Will engage in physical contact now, but DEFINITLEY only on his terms. often wipes kisses off and pulls away from hugs

Hard to discipline. Constantly needs to be told and reminded to not do something. Likewise, will need guidance to complete simple tasks as he is very easily distracted when asked to do something.

Lack of coping skill

Still wakes up in the middle of the night most nights
and difficult to calm down and go to sleep

Very picky eater

Has always been very aware of textures

walks on his toes or sides of feet. Not his primary way of walking but does it enough

to be noticeable

Recently he has backslidden in his ability to use utensils. EX: Hard an usually difficult time using a spoon with a very full bowl of cereal.
Also suddenly not able (or fearful rather) of climbing down stools, bunk bed ladder etc. can climb up with ease and USED to have no problem getting down but now showing fear.

claims "I NO NO HOW" (I DONT KNOW HOW) to simple tasks like putting on flip flops, using a blanket to cover himself etc. things I know he knows how to do

Will randomly become fearful and insist on being held repeating " I so scared. I so scared"

Speaks in a robotic voice. NOT always but enough to be of concern

Had a strange reaction to his 6 month vaccinations. He screamed in a very high pitched voice shortly after administration, then lost his voice completely, stared off into space for the remainder of the day. When he would cry, his face and tears would indicate crying but there was no noise at all. Took him back to the pediatrician who thought the episode was bizarre and unusual, but only dismissed it as that.

has had unexplained sleep seizure activities. He had an EEG performed that indicated spikes in his brain activity. Because the spikes were only in sequences of 2 or 3 and not long streams the Neurologist said that they could be called seizures (even though the physical attribute of a seizure are displayed during these episodes). We were basically told that he has seizure activity, but not seizures...... not sure what to make of that one yet....

Also may be of note that his birth was rather traumatic. Labor completely stopped half way threw but my water was broken so I had to deliver. Docs jump started labor and shortly after that the lost his heartbeat. luckily thing happened really fast after and he was delivered without a c-section. However when he was born the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck twice and there was a double knot in it as well. (Lack of oxygen in the womb?) Im assuming this has something to do with his head measuring small since he was a newborn (I think he is caught up now?) He was also very skinny, gaunt and rather sickly looking as a newborn.

I know there are more things that I just can't think of at the moment. Feel free to ask questions please!!

Im hoping that this list sounds familiar to someone out there and we can get some answers for my sweet boy. 2 pediatricians and a neurologist have all made me feel like an idiot for expressing concerns in certain areas. I don't know what to do or where to turn next, but the older he gets the "worse" I feel he gets.....

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