Looking for a simple method to self report specific taste and texture experiences with Food Exposures

by Heather Auville Life Skills Coach
(Charlottesville VA)

I need a simple food journaling tool for a teenager with oral defensiveness, high anxiety, and low motivation to journal thoughts on eating. Improvement is a priority due to health concerns.

The tool will need to track details about the variety of taste and texture experiences with food exposures. Ideally this would be an app that would be simple to integrate in to daily routine. I haven't seen what I'm looking for, so I'm also looking for journaling sheets that might be available to use for SELF REPORTING useful details (texture, taste, response) on food exposures.

The information recorded will be useful for food chaining through keeping a record of important feedback to assist with leading to more successful food trials. For this record keeping to be successful it will need to be a simple, quick, painless way to provide the feedback (circling options on a sheet, selecting in an app, maybe writing a few thoughts).

Please share any resources that might be helpful! Apps, worksheets, anything!

Thank you so much for your help!

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