Looking for answers

by Denise Walker
(Dalton Ga. USA )

We have a 6 yr old daughter that is having a very hard time in school ( and everywhere else for that matter) due to her sensitivity to coughing or crying. She says that when someone coughs they are mean and are doing it just to hurt her. She gets so worried about it everywhere we go . She says she feels trapped when she's at school because of all those mean rude people who won't stop coughing. She has terrible meltdowns at school and will hit or bite herself and anyone else she feels is hurting her. We have tried everything we know to do to help her but there's just no way to convince her that everyone isn't doing it to hurt her. I feel so helpless and my heart breaks for her. She doesn't have any friends because she's so afraid. We keep exposing her and explaining to her but nothing works.

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