Looking up

by Hannah R.
(Hornell, NY)

When my son, being a picky eater, spent time around his older cousin, he returned home to liking burger and steak. Most of the time he needs the barbecue sauce and ketchup. But I noticed that if there was other young ones that he looks up to, he could see it as a good thing, to follow along. His cousin was also a picky eater but just had different foods she liked compared to my son. If our young ones are old enough to notice what others are enjoying whether their "cool" friends, cousins, older siblings, and parents, instantly or eventually they will most likely follow. My son now loves salad with crutons, eggs, and pasta among many other things. He's 10.

Let them see from your example and their friends on leisure time. Positive training is the key and healthful foods. One doctor told me to try eating outdoors with something "new" for my picky eater. I found it to be true that after spending a long time outdoors, my son exercised and was hungry enough to accept a food he normally doesnt eat. Its such joy and relief to see. I also found it helpful to avoid snacking foods within an hour before meals. Absolutely essential for eating success at dinner time. Stick to your rules if you choose to have any or may see necessary. Thanks for reading!

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