by Lorna

I am in tears right now, relief and exhaustion. I have recently realised that my twelve year old is on the autistic spectrum ( still waiting for consultation, we're in the uk) , but whilst doing research on him I kept coming up with things about sensory processing disorder, that screamed my youngest son. Eventually today I came across your sight. Which is excellent by the way, and now I am not so confused anymore.

My youngest boy who I will refer to as C I always just thought he wad a messy, dirty, scruffy little herb. Thankfully I related to him and felt kinda affectionate to my my messy little herb ( it takes one to know one, if you follow me). I remember his first day at school I said to the teacher " his spent the whole summer naked, so I will be happy if he just keeps his clothes on at the end of the day", and he did, but he always looked like William Brown ( from Just William ) hair a mess, dirt everywhere, shirt and tie all scrunched up and untucked. It was comical to me, and I loved/ love him for it.

Both my youngest two went to a independent school, and wool blazer, tie and dap, and long trousers are the school uniform. So you can imagine the torture for him! Anyway, he was bullied ( not just for being a scruff) but just because some kids do bully, so I got him out, and homeschooled him.

He now had very long hair, refuses to get it cut, lives in shorts and tee shirts,and bare feet, I think of him

as my huckleberry Finn. He has always struggled with heat, gets very hot, gets heat rash at the drop of a hat, and conversely doesn't like to not have his winter quilt on even in hot weather. He likes to put his hand up my and my husbands sleeve and get our " coldness", he hates washing, brushing his teeth, and his dad has to bribe him to get his nails cut. He no longer believes that his dad has a Nail Cutting Certificate, but it worked (sort of for a few years ) also I used to have to kneel by and distract him with a outlandish story.

Yes the food issues are there, he doesn't like meat in his mouth, and there have been some odd food phases, that have gone on for weeks. Fish fingers and tomatoe sauce ( and nothing else ) past his lips for two months a few summers ago. I know that all this seems tame, but my choice to homeschool my two boys with daily melt downs, tantrums, and issues is not easy, and today your site has been my Saving grace
thank you!

I had my own melt down today and my long suffering husband took my boys to work ( fortunately his own business, and it's never happened before) I just felt like I can't cope anymore, and trapped. I can't send C back to school, but for my sanity maybe the twelve year old, I love him dearly, but I am not coping I feel. I have gone on loads, though this is just the tip of the iceberg, and I feel "sunk" today.

Thanks for letting me sound off.

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