by Lost in Wyoming
(Casper, WY)

My 7 y/o daughter has high functioning autism. Her 5 y/o sister used to copy her behaviors when she was little, but then slowly outgrew it. Now I'm not sure if it was copying all the way. She (the 5 y/o) has always been super super super whiney. Over everything! Lately its gotten so much worse. Major melt downs at the drop of a hat (maybe literally)! "She looked at me funny, my shoes wont go on right...etc" These are screaming tantrums. I was wondering if it was just because she was spoiled but for the life of me I couldn't figure out how we'd managed to spoil her-if anything we were very strict with her.

Well my 3 y/o girl started having some red flags for SPD and I started researching it further to see if I was projecting or if there was more to it. And as I went I saw that my 5 year old has over half the issues on the SPD charts I found, as well as the 3 year old. So my question is- does that behavior sound like anyone else's kid? I am making an appointment with her pedi to get a referral for some OT for both of them, but seriously I want to tear my hair out most days. Then like a light switch 20 minutes later shes fine and happy and cooperative. but it just a matter of time before she flies off the deep end again for no reason!

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