Lots of symptoms

by jemma

My 5 yr old daughter has always had problems swallowing food..she chews and chews then spits it out. Also says her socks hurt her feet, she screams when she has her nails cut or her hair brushed saying it hurts. If she has a tiny red mark she screams for hours about it hurting. Its impossible to buy shoes cause they are too tight too loose too soft too hard. She is a poor sleeper and has total break downs in assemblies at school and has to be removed. And is petrified of flies. Are these signs of spd please? Im at a loss.

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Jun 10, 2014
by: Anonymous

Your daughter is definitely showing tell tale signs of SPD. Please have her evaluated by an OT right away so that she can start treatment. The sooner you understand what's going on and how to make her world an easier place, the quicker you and she will live a little more peacefully.

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