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My 11 year old son was premature (1 month) ruptured lung, he has problems when people talk loud, or when someone is speaking to him loudly, he blocks them out, which is not good when it is the teacher. If you whisper, he gets upset. He seems to lose his temper with his younger sister and parents more so than with his friends(he appears to hold it in). He has trouble focusing on things that do not interest him. He has trouble doing his homework, because he is easily distracted, so it will take him a lot longer to do it. We went out on the river with about 25 children his age, using "duckies" to paddle down, and he was the very last one by a long distance, he had trouble coordinating how to use the paddles, and he is physically not very strong. any suggestions.

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Aug 23, 2011
seek help
by: Anonymous

sounds like your son could benefit from working with a professional in some of the areas he has challenges with. my son has auditory issues as well and we have gleaned from regular visiting to an occupational therapist. there are many things that can be considered and implemented to help these children to better self regulate and to have effective tools to cope with the things that present challenges for them.

many children with spd have difficulty with coordination, stamina, distractions and low muscle tone. which could be some of the reason for the example you gave in your post. if you are open to it, try to find a professional in your area. you will find they can be a wealth of resources and a sounding board for your concerns as well. good luck.

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