Make your own SPD Products?

by Stephanie

I am wondering if anyone has every heard of making their own sensory products (vests, weighted blankets). I found this website that has a download of a book showing a new sew method.

My son is almost 2 and has been diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder. I am a stay at home mom and will do whatever it takes to help him, but money tends to always be an issue. If someone could let me know on an option like this. I am supposed to buy a Pressure Vest and those start at $70.

These look like some great resources. I hope they help you and so many other struggling parents (finding the money and resources for therapeutic interventions is difficult for a lot of us!). I would love to know if anyone has used these/made these as well. Let us know!! A great find, as far as I am concerned. Homemade weighted products are definitely doable (and many have done it) if you work with your OT on the proper weight, use, and time frame to wear it.

Just so you know there are also some other ebay alternatives and cheaper weighted products (often) on the ebay auction listed on my weighted blankets page. You can see if you can find anything affordable that way too.

Meanwhile... has anyone made their own weighted products? Anyone used either of the above resources? Looking forward to hearing from others!

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Dec 03, 2008
washable weight
by: Jenn

You can also fill it with aquarium rocks so that it is fully washable and you don't have to worry about rice or beans sprouting!

Sep 15, 2008
home-made weighted blanket
by: Kristina

My husband and I made our own weighted blanket for our 3 1/2 yr. old. His OT told us how heavy it should be for his weight. Then I just bought some cute fabric & pinto beans. We washed & oven-dried the beans. Then we sewed the blanket together with multiple squares to hold the beans.
(kind of like you would make pockets, I guess...)
Then we sewed it all up. It works really well when our son is receptive to using it. good luck!

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