Many symptons, but still unsure

by keisha
(greenville, sc)

My 9 yr old boy has always startled easily. You can just walk in the room and he screeches! I thought it was really odd how easily he startles, you can put your hand on him unexpected and he will jump out of skin and screech. He overacts when he's hurt. He has always hated loud sounds he gets to the point he can cry. He still gets in bed with me everyday, sometime in the early morning. He cannot have any tags in his clothes or on his toys, first thing tag comes off. He will rip the shirt off like the tag is hurting him. He hates and freaks out when his big brothers or dad pick him up, especially when they turn him upside down, he freaks out! He constantly tells sarcastic jokes or interrupts class or just decides not to participate, which is usually the case. He is in trouble daily at school, mostly for talking, laughing, not being still. He is a ball of energy most of the time and is really bright. He makes all A's and don't even try. He says he hates school. I am going to try a new one next year. He is also allergic to milk. What do you think??

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