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To mimic this site... in one word... "YES!" My son was originally diagnosed with developmental delay. In a sense, this diagnosis is just a fancy name to say... we know something is wrong with him, but he is too young and we can not definitely say what's wrong just yet. This period of time was so frustrating. We kept up the PT, OT, and speech of up to 13-14 visits each week.

As a parent, you do what you gotta do. I kept getting the looks in the grocery store like "can't you control that kid," because after all in looking at my son - he looks perfectly "normal." No braces, wheelchair, etc. This was and has been the toughest of all we have had to deal with. Having a son that "looks" normal, but does not "act" normal is very trying and hard to explain to others. It is tough to explain in a nutshell when people ask, especially when it seems no one has ever heard of something like SPD/SID.

When it was first brought to our attention our son most likely had this - to the point of being diagnosed - I immediately was thrilled. I know it seems weird, but for the first time we had a diagnosis (actually 3) for our son. This was the first site I read from "beginning to end." It helped so much. Finally, I had a place that understood my kid. I will never forget going down the list of symptoms for SID kids.

So often prior, I had been confronted with autism and other diagnosis, but they never truly "fit" our son and ultimately a doctor (of some sort) would rule them out. However, in reading hates nails getting cut, hates hair cuts, likes tight spots, and on and on... I finally was reading a list that described my son without exceptions. I can not lie... we are still learning about him. In starting school and his daily activities changing up.. new things become a challenge and yet, now I know we CAN make it! Yes, SID is real, but not unbeatable.... These kids are GREAT!!!! Enjoy them!

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Dec 24, 2011
Dealing with this is so frustrating but your comment was so comforting...
by: Marisol Vasquez


My son is going to be 3 in February. He is exactly as how you have described him in your comment.

Earlier this week a Behavioral Analyst evaluated my son and stated that he has SPD. It made sense in so many levels. He also has an Expressive and Receptive Speech Delay and a Sleeping Disorder. We usually have at least 2 appointments a week and up to 4 in a week sometimes, depending on what specialist we are going to.

I think you did a great job at describing it. Most of the time I get the stares and looks and comments like "Lady get your kid." When I am there but there is so much I can do. So usually we end up leaving. My son (like yours) looks normal you would never think, however, he acts definitely different. He is very active, hypersensitive to the sun, I have to do things a certain way for him at a certain time, he absolutely loves to be hugged and list goes on and on of other characteristics....thank you for sharing!


Sep 27, 2011
SWRING adds exhilirating experiences
by: Emory Clark

I visit clinics, homes and special needs facilities regularly especially ones using the Swring in therapy. Without fail the therapist and / or parent has tons of good things to say about the child's progress once a Swring becomes part of his / her life. Descriptions of the kids' behavior often border on miraculous. If you're interested email me at info@swring and I'll send actual Ot's note files for you to see.

So please don't overlook the value of "surprise" and outright joy in your child's progress which the Swring can deliver "in spades!"

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