Mary Nunez

by mary nunez

I use my eyes too for stimulation so that I can view items with a wide variety of textures,for example,using reed fencing to cover the ceiling or shag carpet or bamboo or stone tiling in the walls.i have Christmas lights that can alternately flash in 16 different pattern(the slow increasingly glowing then receding type is great)and u can have a choice of blue,green,red,yellow,depending on your emotional state,choosing the one most calming,healing. I find that staring at a black light single bulb or sitting under one is extremely helpful,if I,am deeply upset.

I have lots of very soft throws of various textures and colors I touch or put around my face.this powerfully,changes my mood,removes fear,any anxiousness. I rely heavily on water" therapy",either in the tub ,and I am trying to build myself or buy a water wall fountain.i also know that viewing a fireplace together with waterwall would feel very cleansing,comforting,so im saving $to somehow incorporate or simulate that.i also was thinking of having huge projectors w cool scenes,wondering if that would help. I have sensory processing dysfunction as this site describes but having trouble getting my doctors or anyone to acknowledge/help me. they dont seem to hear me when I say its very hard and very time consuming to function when u cant filter out extraneous noises even to make phone calls,important decisions,etc.

And cant speak what your really trying to say(selective mutism??).it does affect quality of life in that its hard to tell people u need or cant tolerate this or that.because of this I desperately seek skills,equipment,ideas to adjust to the world ,not try to make the

world adjust to my limitations. It took me a long time to accept that,too!

My one good idea for filtering out noise is to record specific mood changing songs,which would serve as focusers,tranquilizers.i know this will help.only problem is, people with out my problem get mad and think im ignoring them instead of understanding im using the music just temporarily to adjust mood,or block noise thats ruining my ability to think.someone without the problem does not understand. I wish I could hand out written pamphlets or flashcards explaining,"its not u,its me,dont get your feelings hurt. I have -,,,(whatever,a brief description explaining).

Back to the music auditory stimulation/relaxation technique ides:.but I lost my 400 perfectly selected songs. Someone sprayed a hose on my mp3 player holding the songs!devastating!(the person was mad/thought they were being ignored,ss I tried to pull weeds and work while listening to certain songs I needed to help me focus on that tadk that I could not have otherwise performed).

My self created sensory room is truly a Godsend,helping me tremendously by providing safe sanctuary and relief.

If u have any ideas info to help me get help for my sensory integration disorder please advise im at,etc.?). i love this site for studying/helping people cope with this! I wish I could get my insurance to cover special equipment,essentials at least,particularly any to help w selective mutism prob so I could communicate more easily.i type fast,and great on paper but not im not deaf or blind,im just too sensitive,sensory wisr,and my friend is even more so.he is disabled w schitoaffective.income very limited at present. Thank for allowing contributions.

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