Mason's SPD Journey!

by Sandy DiPietro
(Spirngfield, MA)

Hello everyone! I have a wonderful son named Mason who is 5 years old and was diagnosed with SPD the beginning of September 2007. Our journey began, as I recall, about 2 years ago when I would observe Mason resisting placing his feet on the grass and sand on the beach. Thinking that behavior was a phase, time continued and then I began to observe Mason refusing to wear his jackets while buckled in his carseat (again thinking this is a phase). Mason, since he was about 2 and 1/2 years old, would become upset at a circus or any event such as his birthday party when people would clap and/or sing happy birthday.

Over this past summer minimal problems, except Mason would have to wear water shoes while on the grass or sand. The change of seasons then came with new anxieties knowing that colder weather would be coming. Mason exhibited problems with transitions into wearing long sleeves, jeans and jackets. Mason then, this past October, began to become preoccupied with any changes of his environment. If a pumpkin fell from a fall display in the front of the house, he would "melt down" "Where is the pumpkin"? "Please put it back". Mason also began to exhibit increased preoccupation and anxiety with transitions of any kind, like if I went to work

and did or did not tell him." Mason then went from not wearing jeans, sweaters, t-shirts under his shirts, to having problems with seams in his socks. Mason currently will not wear any other shirts and pants but the ones that he wears for his school uniform, all shirts have to be grey and all pants have to be brown.

Mason recieves OT 2x's a week with a sensory trained OT and we apply the brushing method, weighted vests and heavy work activities in the home. Many days I have cried observing my son becoming so uncomfortable in his "own skin". I have felt so hopeless watching my handsome, sweet little boy become so anxious and sad simply by putting his clothes on.

I want other parents to know that you are not alone and that your child is so special and such a gift as all kids are. With interventions the children can begin to learn to accommodate to be able to function effectively. Be the best advocate for your child with tx, school interventions, and by also allowing yourself time as a parent to take a deep breath and acknowledge your child is a special gift.

Michele Mitchell responds...

Thank you for sharing your story Sandy!! What a beautiful one. Hugs to you and Mason. You are a wonderful mom you are indeed.

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