Maybe I have SPD... but the checklist isn't helping

by Dax

I've taken the quiz, and I found I fit a variety of the symptoms, but I'm incredibly frustrated in that I don't know how to interpret the results. There's no baseline, no advice on how many high numbers is cause for concern, and there isn't even any info on how to fill out the numbers. Should I use 1-10? If so, what's enough to be 10 and how little is enough to be 1? Should I answer Yes, No, Maybe? And how am I supposed to quantify "How much they affect my daily functioning?"

I feel as though after I touch something, whether it be good or bad, I can continue to feel it on my skin long afterwards. I seek out certain textures, weave fabrics between my fingers, touch everything (other than anything sticky, which I hate), I run my hands along the wall as I walk, etc. I always feel like I'm about to fall out of a chair unless I wedge myself into some kind of pretzel or tip the chair back. I constantly crack my knuckles and get horrendously carsick unless I'm the one driving. I am incredibly adverse to any kind of light touch or tickling, but I crave "deep pressure" all the time. But do these things "affect my daily functioning?" I don't know... does the need to cut tags off of t shirts, or a craving to touch everything, or a love for trampolines or the fact that I am getting panicky just thinking about being tickled really qualify as "affecting how I live my life?" This site would be a lot more helpful to me if there was more on how to interpret the information provided and what to do with it. After all, I've been this way my whole life- how am I supposed to know if my normal is anything but?

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