Maybe I'm not just a picky eater

Could other people possibly have the same issues as me? Tactile things have always bothered me, and maybe there's an actual reason behind it. I hate shoes and always wear sandals. I am not bothered by different fabrics and materials, but I do have a closet full of t-shirts. And it just clicked with me, I HATE changing temperatures. Going into the cold lake has always taken me way longer than anyone else. They would try to tell me to jump in and get it over with quick, but I would explain just how excruciatingly painful it is to me. Shower temperatures have to be just right, too cold is very painful. And I'm not big on skin contact & touch. It's really distracting if someone puts their hand on my arm.

I also just realized that my propensity to organize may be that I dislike too much clutter visually. It really bothers me and I constantly tidy up.

My other big sensitivity is taste. My whole life has been plagued by a dislike of so many foods. I finally realized a few years ago that there is such a thing as super-tasters... and sure enough I have a ton of taste buds on the end of my tongue. As described by that diagnosis I can't stand most bitter things - coffee, chocolate, alcohol, grapefruit etc unless there's tons of sugar on it. But I'm wondering if that is also coupled with SPD in terms of not liking changes in my food, eating all of one thing before changing to another. Not letting my food touch on the plate. My paranoia when cutting up things like oranges, pineapple, bananas, and meat to get all the yucky parts off... the strings on bananas are the worst and I can't even look at kids eating bananas. There are certain spicy foods I like (unlike supertasters), but can only handle them if everything is blended into a nice puree without any surprising lumps. Maybe I'm blessed with a combination of the two. No wonder I'm the pickiest eater I know.

Perhaps this is me, I'll have to do more research.

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Apr 13, 2011
Not just you
by: Anonymous

You are not alone in having a variety of issues with food. Taste and texture are both significant issues for me, and several other people I know. Both are an integral part of enjoying food and if one is wrong then the whole thing is wrecked. It's almost easier for me to list the foods that I like than those that I won't eat.

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