Maybe this wasn't ALL my fault...

by amanda

Im 15 years old and my mom came to me with some SID articles. I was curious about it. Ive seen things like pre-mature birth (I was a Preemie by 2 and a half months) and thumb sucking, which I still do.

I have a history of getting in trouble at school for outbursts. I also have ADHD, and Im very impulsive. Im told I noticed things that most people wouldn't. Im told I talk too fast and when looking for the right words I fidget with my hands.

When scared or angry I will scratch myself and fidget. I also have a very poor sense of direction. When watching a wide screen movie I focus on the "black bars" most teachers and authority thought I had anger problems because I would crash into things while I walk and use too much force when doing certain tasks.

Pay close attention to your kid and ask them questions like what they notice when driving and things like that.

-- Amanda

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