Medication for SPD

A child that has SPD are they suppose to be on medication for ADHD? Whas is the medication for SPD? Please let me know.

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Nov 24, 2010
by: Jeff H

We have somewhat similar problem except we know we have concentration problem. Sensory therapy thru district, not private. She has attention issues that we think medication might address and allow sensory therapy to work better...not magic bullet. The psychiatrist we saw recommended Intuvia. Haven't started it, waiting for neurologist assessment also.

Nov 18, 2010
waiting for the DSM
by: Anonymous

Our 7 year old has finally been deemed the right age to medicate. Depending on how the SPD manifests itself is what determines the medication, or even if medication is needed. She doesn't have ADD (if it were only that "easy") but her SPD has made a huge impact on her social life, which has led to really bad anxiety on her part. We are considering a tiny dose of anti-depressant medication to even out the rough edges and make it easier for her to relate to her peers.

Until the DSM recognizes SPD as a clinical disorder, parents are going to be really dependent on sites like this for help.
Here's a link to sign a petition to get SPD listed:

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