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I was reading through the check list because a friend of mine said that her son was just diagnosed with this disorder. I wanted to know more about it. The first few items caught my eye because my son (for as long as I can remember) has had an aversion to certain food textures and smells... he talks and makes noise constantly... he climbs and jumps off of anything and everything he can... he is overtly concerned with mosquito bites and scrapes on his legs and arms to the point that he almost obsessive... he wears pants even when it is 100+ degrees outside and his aversion to clothing material and especially tags. Not one shirt or pants in his closet or drawers have their tag on them. It makes it difficult when cleaning out one size for a new size... anyway, I noticed that I too have MANY of the symptoms and have had them for as long as I have been alive....(which is why my son's presence of these symptoms never seemed odd) it is nice to know that I'm not "different" or crazy... I am going to definitely watch my son a little closer as well to see if he might benefit from an evaluation and some therapy!

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Jul 04, 2011
Good Parenting Melissa.
by: Anonymous

I was introduced to SPD because my daughter didn't eat like other kids. EVERY doctors visit I would talk to her about it, finally she said, Well, let's get her evaluated. The Easter Seals came to the house, did an evaluation and recommended me for weekly visits from an OT.

Those visits were invaluable. The OT helped me to identify my daughter's triggers. (Hair in her face is a big one) encouraged me to continue with the homemade foods (even though it seemed like she wasn't eating them) and helped me to find my place to parent from (My daughter needs to be given the space to make the right choice, hard to do but it worked wonders for her) From what I've read, we have 7 years to help build our child's self soothing tool box. I have my doubts as to a class room's ability to keep a Sensory kid on task. I am hoping to give my child such a well stocked tool box that I don't have to rely on teachers to keep her sensory issues in line. If I can help her manager her sensory stuff, then the teachers can concentrate on teaching.

I stayed home as long as I could (maybe a few months too long if you look at my bills) Even though I picked my preschool carefully, and gave them a good solid overview of my child's sensory processing issues, I just had to remind them again.

Never feel bad about speaking up for your child. Schools need to keep parents appraised of daily items so the parents can keep on top of the Sensory triggers. I try to look at it as being a part of a team. I hope my preschool agrees with me.

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