"Meltdowns" SPD, or Something Else

by Deirdre
(Oakland, Ca)

Hi, my son is seven years old (will be eight in September)and was finally diagnosed with SPD in November 2008. He was also diagnosed with a genetic disorder that causes immaturity,and learning disabilities among other things. He also has some speech/language delay. My son is very afraid of dogs and cats, even though he has touched both. Over the weekend he had an episode with a small dog who was tied up.

To make a long story short, the meltdown he had lasted so long, I didn't know what to do. I've noticed lately how long it's taking me to calm him down when he has a meltdown.

Thirty minutes later, he is still reliving the episode, as if it had just happened, and even weeks later if I mention it, he has a meltdown. He does this in other situations too.
Whenever something happens, he has to tell every detail of it, no matter how small it is, like if something is out of place, he gets very emotional, and gives me a (very serious) speech about how it got there, and why it shouldn't be there.

Another example, when I'm helping him with his homework, if I make a mistake, I can't just tell him "that's O.K. it was a mistake and fix it", because he is so focused on my mistake, and giving that emotional speech about the mistake I made, and he can't seem to move on until he gets out everything he wants to say. I also feel that is what happens when he has a meltdown. He just seems unable to calm down until it is out of his system however long it takes. I'm at the point now where it's getting hard to tell where what symptom is coming from where. Is some of it SPD, the genetic disorder, or something else. Also, my son breaks out on his chin in really small bumps, and I was told that it's from him still drooling when he speaks. Is this common in children who have speech/delay? Thanks.

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May 13, 2010
could it be....
by: Anonymous

I wonder if this could be related to OCD.

My daughter has struggled since birth with her issues. She received therapy through the state until she was three. In working with her case worker we noticed that she appears to have ocd issues as well as spd.

Like you sometimes I wonder what comes from where. I think I have one problem but then find its actually caused by something else. it is all confusing at times.

hope this idea helps

Oct 22, 2009
by: Anonymous

My son has similar meltdowns. They have gotten worse as he has gotten older. He is almost 5 now. We have been told by a clinical psychologist that he does suffer from anxiety. This might also explain why your son fixates on mistakes and/or situations and can't move on. Just a thought....

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