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Out of curiosity,

I am wondering if another symptom of SPD is having an extremely good memory of what happened let's say, 3 years ago, detail by detail, but not remembering something that was told to you 5 minutes ago.


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Sep 23, 2014
SPD and Memory
by: Anonymous

I have SPD and I'm the same way. Some things I can remeber in minute detail but other times I forget what was said 5 minuets ago. Yesterday I took a shower and forgot to wash my hair. But I also have dyslexia so I remember things backwards.

Mar 05, 2014
Short term memory
by: Sforbes

Had my daughter IEP today and she is struggling in math due to the fact she cant remember the steps in a math sequence. Does great with a calculator but can not remember times tables or do math sentence problems and recall what to do. But long term memory is awesome.

Jan 10, 2011
Would like more info
by: lcohen

If anyone out there has information to share about this, I would be really interested. Our daughter has SPD and an incredible long term memory. I get the part about forgetting things in the short term as she is hyposensitive and is always looking for the next sensory input. Perhaps this is part of the "wiring" of an SPD brain?

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