Metecognition and SPD

by Mark V. Comsa, OTR/L
(Provo, Utah USA)

Can a person with SPD recognize and control their behaviors on their own volition without having had treatment?

Does a person with SPD know they have it (metacognition)?

It is my belief that a child with SPD will exhibit behaviors in all facets/situations of their daily experiences. In other words, I have difficulty believing that a child can display on-task, good behavior in school all day, then display all kinds of adverse behaviors when they get home. Wouldn't they show their adverse behaviors all day? Could they suppress their adverse behaviors all day then let it all out at home, on their own volition? Do they actually know they have SPD and work on their own to extinguish certain behaviors. To me this translates more as a needing a behavior modification program than sensory processing, or at least a combination of both paradigms.

I realize that sensory processing disorders manifests itself as certain observable behaviors, however, I am referring to the self-control of these behaviors without having had any treatment interventions yet.

Please explain this to me. It may be helpful for all in our department. Thank you very much.

Sincerely, Mark V. Comsa, OTR/L

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