Michael's SPD Journey

by Loretta Deitz
(Alliance Ohio)

My son has sensory integration dysfunction. At times i ask god why what did i do to be punished. At age two Michael stopped sleeping he would be up for days at a time. He couldn't feel pain he would fall down and cut himself and get up and start running around like nothing happened. It just got worse he almost was thrown out of preschool because he wouldn't sleep he would wake up the other kids. When he went to kindergarten the principal was the worse he pushed a six year old up against the wall and threaten me with taking Michael away calling the cops thats when the war with the school begin.

Michael has done so many things like jump out of cars while my mom was driving and run he has killed some kittens he would give people the middle finger or cuss at people. He has made health professionals quit their jobs. He was put in the mental ward at Akron childrens hospital when he was around eight that is when i found a doctor that knew what was wrong with Michael. She diagnosed him with sensory integration dysfunction. She put him on meds and occupational therapy, she went to the school and told them what SPD was.

Michael is nineteen now he has learned to deal SPD or maybe he has grown out of alot of his behavior. He is afraid to get a job he doesn't deal with people very well. Their is help out there. Don't give up. You are not alone.

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